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Decorative techniques:

We provide services in professional development of all decorative gypsum walls, shelves, screens, decorative shapes and all other plaster works. Our long years’ experience with final construction works is always at your disposal.


We’ve been wallpapering them professionally for many years and we’ve got a great experience on it. We’ve been building in all kinds of either wallpapers or photo wallpapers.

Decorative stone:

In order to refine your living space you need to have just a little time, a wish and some money as well. The right thing is the arrangement of the walls in many colours and designs of the decorative stones...

About usDecorative techniques

This website is the presentation of the team of professional masters of final construction works. We offer to our clients the professional service of works doing them on single positions or the service of our completion of all final works. In order to answer our clients’ requests and the market as well, we’ve been improving our work, getting new techniques in trying to offer a better service as we can. 

At your call, we come to your place and give you the offer works, and then we make the arrangement on the dynamic of the works etc. We adapt the object of different purposes – flats, houses, offices etc. We always apply new methods in our job and build in proven materials. Our long years’ experience in the country or abroad (Russia and Italy) and our constant improvement make us skilled to do the works in difficult working conditions and to solve complicated working situations. We always do hard to finish contracted obligations before the deadlines and expect the same from our clients. We pay a special attention to cleanness of the place where we work during the work and after it as well. 

We perform:

Decorative techniques are numerous, but the expression depends on the quality materials and the skilled hand of the performer. 

Some of our works:

  • dekorativne tehnike
  • dekorativne tehnike
  • dekorativni kamen
  • gipsani radovi
  • dekorativni kamen

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